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Project SANA OL (Simultaneous Activities for Numeracy Advancement thru Online Learning) – Numeracy Intervention for Primary Levels

(Simultaneous Activities for Numeracy Advancement thru Online Learning) - Numeracy Intervention for Primary Levels

Numeracy Intervention for Primary Levels – Brimestone Academy Inc.

Education is a vital part of human development and innovations. We crafted the most appropriate learning interactions for productive education to prosper. This learning strategy is a combination of online and modular distance learning modalities or also known as Hybrid Learning Process. Due to the pandemic, most of our learners are struggling, having task difficulties with Mathematics, and showing poor performance, especially on the four fundamental operations. Project SANA OL is a Numeracy Intervention for Primary Levels and will be given to all learners from Grade 1 to Grade 3 by their respective Teacher-in-Charge on April 4 to 6, and 11 until 12, 2022.

We came up with intervention activities that focus on:
1. Gamification of Learning Activities;
2. Reinforcement of Learning Interaction thru Additional Worksheets;
3. Reteaching of those Least Mastered Competencies in Mathematics.

What are the objectives of Project SANA OL?

These intervention activities aim to:
a. develop learner’s understanding of the four Fundamental Operations;
b. improve computational skills; and
c. enjoy learning the fundamental operation via interactive mentoring.

Stages of Implementation

  1. Pre-Assessment Stage:
    The teacher must conduct a pre-assessment using Division Computational Skills Test to identify the current computational skill profile of each learner.
  2. Intervention Stage:
    The teacher must give intervention activities using the materials suggested by the school.
  3. Post-Assessment Stage:
    Post-assessment shall be given to learners with low computational performance identified at the pre-assessment.
  4. Continuation of the Intervention
    The teacher must give additional intervention activities to those learners that still failed to pass the post-assessment test.

SANA OL Intervention Materilas

Learning for students has been difficult these past two years but with the help of these educational materials, it became possible. Instructional materials are anchored in the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) to help students achieve the learning they need under the guidance of their parents or relatives. The worksheets taught the four basic mathematical operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These helped the pupils improve their skills in solving mathematical problems appropriate to their level.

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