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About Brimerian Echo


This school paper publication was newly establish under the authority of school, Brimestone Academy, and duly permitted by the said institution to operate as school organization. The main objective of this organization is to provided valuable information to all its readers about the programs and activities of the school. Further, it will also expected to be the platform for important announcement, memorandum and instruction of the school and offers local advertising platform.

Brimerian Echo, was establish through the effort of Mr. Jose D. Deparon and Mr. Alvin L. Bedes, who are both faculty members of the said school. The organization is currently in its transition and re-assembling process to gather all the necessary resources for realizing its objective. We, Brimerian, try to work in making things and ideas become products of excellence.


* To develop student’s ability of efficient writing and creative demonstration of their knowledge; and
* To showcase the achievements, activities and programs of the school, Brimestone Academy- Imus.


Alvin L. Bedes, LPT

Co- Adviser


Jose D. Deparon



Juliet R. Rivera

Asst. Adviser

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