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Grade 3 Quarter 1 PPT (PowerPoint) SY 2023-2024

Quarter 1 PPT (PowerPoint) SY 2023-2024

Grade 3 Quarter 1 PPT (PowerPoint) SY 2023-2024

You can discover our collected Powerpoint presentations from the second quarter. To make them available to our fellow teachers and assist them in finishing their resources, we plan to finish all of the K–12 Powerpoint Presentations. The school created this website to properly organize its teaching and learning resources where teachers can easily access them when needed. This website contains the following educational resources.

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When pupils are exhibited or shown how to do something, they acquire new skills as opposed to learning the steps to execute a task, which is the case with procedural learning. In contrast to a series of instructions, which may not apply exactly in another context and are more likely to be overlooked, the advantage of conceptual learning over procedural learning is that once a concept is understood, it may be applied to real-life situations. Teachers must make clear to students that understanding the subject matter is more important than remembering a set of instructions or how to carry out a task.

Grade 3 Quarter 1 PPT (PowerPoint)

The main goal of the Department of Education (DepEd) in requiring teachers to have a lesson plan (free download available here) is effective learning. Lesson planning helps teachers set learning goals for students. It also helps teachers ensure that students achieve these goals. By planning lessons, teachers can ensure that daily classroom activities lead to student progress and achievement or the achievement of learning outcomes.

ARALING PANLIPUNAN 3 PowerPoint Presentations

ART 3 PowerPoint Presentations

ENGLISH 3 PowerPoint Presentations

EDUKASYON SA PAGPAPAKATAO (ESP) 3 PowerPoint Presentations


HEALTH 3 PowerPoint Presentations

MATHEMATICS 3 PowerPoint Presentations

MTB 3 PowerPoint Presentations

MUSIC 3 PowerPoint Presentations

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 3 PowerPoint Presentations

SCIENCE 3 PowerPoint Presentations

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