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Grade 8 Quarter 3 DLL Daily Lesson Log – SY 2022-2023

Quarter 2 DLL Junior High School

MELCs-Based DLL of Quarter 3 for Grade 8 – School Year 2022-2023

The Department of Education’s teachers plan and record their daily lessons in a document called a Daily Lesson Log (DLL). It is an essential tool for checking sure that curricular standards are met and that students are moving closer to their learning goals. The DLL can be used for both formative and summative evaluation and serves as a record of the lessons that were presented in the classroom. School administrators can also use it to keep track of and assess instructors’ performance.

Depending on your learning environment and approach, you might improve these DLLs. These lesson plans can be modified to better suit your students and were created to aid you in preparing for your class. These Daily Lesson Logs (DLLs) are based on the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC).

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MELCs-Based DLL of Quarter 3 for Grade 8 – School Year 2022-2023

Here are the free downloadable Daily Lesson Log or DLL (Quarter 3) for Grade 8, feel free to download and use it:

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  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week1 (4).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week2 (5).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week3-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week4-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week5-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week6-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week7 (4).docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week8-1.docx – DOWNLOAD
  • DLL-ENG8-3RDQ-week9-1.docx – DOWNLOAD


  • Filipino 3rd Quarter Period – DOWNLOAD

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