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SIM Card Registration Links and Guides

SIM Card Registration Links and Guides

SIM Card Registration Links and Guides

Tired in receiving spam messages or worried to be a victim of scams? Thankfully, there is now a law that makes an effort to stop crimes committed via SMS or using SIM (Subscriber’s Identification Module) Cards. Beginning on December 27, 2022, the SIM Card Registration Act, also known as Republic Act No. 11934, will eventually go into effect.

In this regard, all users must register their SIM Cards within 180 days starting December 27, 2022. No matter if they have a SIM card or not, all SIM card owners must register them with their respective telco provider. SIM card registration is totally free. Here are the guides regarding the SIM Card Registration.

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How to register your SIM card?

If you already use prepaid services, you must register within 180 days after the Act’s effective date. Sim cards that aren’t registered may be immediately deactivated, however they can be activated again within five days following deactivation.

If you buy a SIM card after December 27, you will be regarded as a new SIM card user. All SIM cards sold after this date will be in “deactivated mode,” and users cannot use them until they have registered using the telco provider’s online registration form.

Needed information during the registration (you must prepare these first, below accessing the registration portal):

  • Full name
  • Birthday 
  • Sex 
  • Present or official address
  • Identification card and ID number
  • Any valid government-issued ID, including:
    • Passport
    • Philippine Identification System ID
    • SSS ID
    • GSIS ID
    • Driver’s license
    • NBI clearance
    • Police clearance
    • Firearms’ license to own and possess ID
    • PRC ID
    • IBP ID
    • OWWA ID
    • BIR ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Senior citizen card
    • UMID
    • PWD card

SIM Card Registration Links and Guides

See the detailed guides and the links for SIM Card Registration Portal below:

About Minor Users of Talk N’ Text (TNT) SIM Card

If you are a minor SIM card user, you can register in the name of her parent or guardian, provided that this adult gives their consent and registers the card.

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