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Steps of Voting on May 9 2022 National and Local Elections

steps of Voting on May 9 Elections

Steps of Voting on May 9 Elections – Brimestone Academy Inc.

As mandated by RA 7166 (in Section 2), which was approved into law in 26 November 1995, the next synchronized National and Local Elections (NLE) will happen on the second Monday of May, the 9th, in the year 2022. Due to RA 10153, which was approved into law in 30 June 2011, the ARMM elections was also synchronized with the 2019 NLE.

Here are the Steps of Voting on May 9 Elections

Before You Vote

  1. It is wise to pre-select your candidates you are going to vote. To see the official candidates in your area, you can browse the 2022 NLE Ballot Face Templates. You may bring a list of candidates for your own consideration, but campaign materials are not permitted
  2. You can look for the place where you are going to vote including the precinct number at COMELEC Precinct Finder.
  3. Arrive early. Only from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. is voting possible.
  4. Make sure that you are in the correct location. Check the voter’s list near the precinct for your name.
  5. Please feel free to approach the service desk with any inquiries or for advice.
  6. Make sure your ballot is new and undamaged when you receive it.

On Your Actual Voting

  1. A ballot secrecy folder and a marking pen will be provided by the Comelec.
  2. Using the secrecy folder, conceal your ballot. Even the poll clerks are not permitted to see your ballot.
  3. Using the Comelec marker, shade the circles accurately. Do not write anything in your ballot. This is to ensure that the system reads your votes correctly.
  4. Don’t rip apart, smudge, or wrinkle your ballot.
  5. Approach the Vote Counting Machines (VCM) after you’ve completed your ballot.
  6. In the VCM entry slot, place the ballot.
  7. Return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to poll clerks. It is an election crime to remove these documents from the precinct.
  8. The names of the candidates you voted for will appear on the VCM screen.
  9. After then, your voter’s receipt will be printed. Wait for the poll clerk to cut it for you instead of pulling it.
  10. You will be directed to the Voter’s Receipt Receptacle, which is located next to the VCM. You can check your receipt to see if it accurately shows your votes.
  11. Inform the poll clerk if you have any objections. Ensure that your concerns are written down in the minutes.
  12. Put your receipt on the Receipt Receptacle.
  13. When you leave the precinct, do not take your receipt with you. If you do, you may legally charge.
  14. After completing this voting process, leave the precinct.

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