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The Archery team was organized with 6 members namely Krypton Joseph Gargaceran, Julia Villanueva, Lou Aeriel Albaniel, Paul Christian Noche, Michaella Oliveros, and Neon Andrea Gargaceran. This team was one of the best performing athletic groups of the school under the supervision of its coach, Ms. Diana Marie Hernandez. They have their training every weekend at Annex A Club House located near the school. The real challenge in these sports, as experienced in their training, was the development of targeting stability while the wind blows so strong from changing directions. In this situation, physical strength should be the priority of the team through additional work-outs for muscle development, body coordination, and balance.

The proper place and time came, to let them show their talents and sacrifices. Imus City Meet 2019 was officially opened on August 20, 2019, at Imus Grand Stand, Imus City, Cavite. The school sent 23 athletes for three different sports competitions; some of them were competent and well-trained archers. The first day of the game gave us a considerable number of winning rounds but far from expecting any medals. Unfortunately, heavy rain occurred and it gave worries to athletes for the game on the next day. It was the last chance for them to aim for the medals. The muddy ground in the targeting area gave our archers some difficulty at their shots which resulted in some missed aims Nevertheless, the team got various awards such as bronze medal for the Team and Mix Event, individually, Paul Christian Noche had the bronze medal in 50 meters Event and lastly, gold and bronze medal were given to Neon Andrea Gargaceran in 50 and 60 meters Event respectively.  The school celebrated the achievements of our athletes and of course, very proud of them in spite that some of them are newbies but they have shown their potential, dedication, and efforts. All of what they had learned and achieved during the competition will be remembered, it is our pride.

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