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MELCs DepEd or Most Essential Learning Competencies

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Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELCs DepEd – Brimestone Academy Inc.

According to Departement of EducationMost Essential Learning Competencies or  are defined as what the students need, considered indispensable, in the teaching-learning process to building skills to equip learners for subsequent grade levels and subsequently, for lifelong learning. On the other hand, desirable learning competencies were defined as what may enhance education but may not be necessary in building foundational skills.”

As a general rule, a learning competency was retained if it satisfies the endurance criterion which greatly contributes to life-long learning and is a pre-requisite skill to the next grade level. Two or more learning competencies are merged or clustered into one comprehensive learning competency if they have the same objective or learning intention. A significant number of learning competencies were removed/dropped due to the following reasons:

  • They are too specific, and the articulation is similar to that of a learning objective
  • They are deemed appropriate to be introduced in an earlier quarter or grade level or moved to a later quarter or grade level
  • They are recurring
  • They are subsumed in another learning competency.

Importance of Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELCs

The release of the MELCs is not just a response to addressing the challenges of the current pandemic but is also part of the Department’s long-term response to the call of SDG 4 to develop resilient education systems, most especially during emergencies. Thus, it can be used under certain circumstances as a mechanism to ensure education continuity through the curriculum dimension.

The MELCs will enable the Department to focus instruction to the most essential and indispensable competencies that our learners must acquire, as we anticipate challenges in learning delivery.

It will also lighten the burden of converting classroom-oriented learning resources into learning resources adapted to distance learning.

Releasing the MELCs does not diminish the standards set by the full K to 12 curriculum guides. Rather, these serve as one of the guides for teachers as they address the instructional needs of learners while ensuring that curriculum standards are maintained and achieved. The content and performance standards are indicated in the attached documents for field implementers, to demonstrate how the MELCs are anchored on the prescribed standards. (form DepEd’s MELCs Guidelines)

Download Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELCs DepEd

All grades and all subject areas – Most Essential Learning Competencies Download


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