Miscellaneous Fees

  • Registration Fee (For ID, Registration Form and Others) - Php 3,000.00
  • Educational Tour
  • P. E, Uniform - Php 650.00
  • Test Questionnaire Fee (every Examination)
  • Organizational Fee
  • Activity Contribution

Tuition Fee is subject for changes.

Tuition Fee Discount Offers

a. Full Payment Upon Enrollment - 5%
b. Enrollment of Siblings (Discount is ONLY applicable in the Youngest Siblings, Not in all enrolled Siblings) 
    *Two Siblings - 5% 
    *Three Siblings - 20% 
    *Four Siblings - 100% 

c. Academic Scholarships (for BSA Student Only)
*1st Honor - 50% 
*2nd Honor - 30% 
*3rd Honor - 20%
d. Enrollment Reservation - 35% to 20% (with slots only)

  1. The school is offering discount (with limited slot) of 30%, 25% and 20% in your Tuition Fee if you reserve early. Reservation will start on the date announced by the school.
  2. A service-charge, as may approved and imposed, shall be deducted from the initial deposit when the student wishes to withdraw.
  3. For those who wish to refund, the amount refundable shall be as follows: 10% of down payment if classes have began. 15% of down payment if classes have not yet began.
  4. All students who are late enrollees will pay 500 for late months according to he date of entry in the school calendar.
  5. All students who discontinue his/her studies on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th semester, they are subject to pay their balance accounts from the day he/she stopped and all the remaining months.
  6. Payment for Reservation is NON-REFUNDABLE and NOT DEDUCTED in your Tuition Fee.
  7. Approved Enrollment Reservation can't be CANCELLED, however, it could be transferred to our interested enrollee.

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