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Distant Online Learning
in Pandemic Year

Eukime Eclaire V. Hutba

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela

In online classes, there’s a lot of adjustments especially to those people that don’t have a stable internet connection and gadgets. There are some students that don’t have money for sustained internet services. Unfortunately, the country’s internet infrastructure is not capable for online classes that usually resulted in sudden loss of signals.

Based on some research, they called it “less challenged”. Less challenged? While some students can’t afford to have their own stable internet connection. It is not the only issue that makes online classes very difficult, the presence of slow connection, unexpected power outage and expensive gadgets are still unsolved.  

Online Learning

How did we know if the students learned from online classes? Although some of their parents helping them in answering their modules. Based on my experiences, when online class starts, there are some difficult things I’ve experienced Often, internet connection goes unstable because of the volume of users during weekdays. The limited resources forced me to excuse in my online classes which are the time are conflicting to my sister’s classes.

Online class is very important nowadays because we’re having a pandemic that can lead the students sick if they’re go to school with their classmates. Face to face is risky and not applicable for now.  
Also, online class helped students learned even if they’re just staying in the house, unlike face-to-face classes with some students and teachers going to school from different places, walking or having a service are maybe infected by the virus.

Parents are also favorable with this kind of learning method because their worries regarding to the safety of children. Also, this can help those parents in below minimum wage earner for their children’s education expenses thru modular learning. Instead of wasting it for allowance they can added it to household expenses. Education system must be innovative enough to create and establish sustainable strategies for inclusive learning environment like online classes, modular learning or technology-aided learning interactions. 

For me as a student, I absolutely support distant learning system because it gives opportunity for me to learn and gain knowledge to those teachers having hard time to teach us and also adjust with this kind of system. Hoping someday all students can adopt to this distant learning system, encouraging them to strive hard for their future dreams and give their best to perform even in online world. 


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