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Barriers to Online Learning

Eukime Eclaire V. Hutba

“In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of instructor is optional, but the role of learner is essential.”

- Bernard Bull

Advances in technology now allow students to study entirely online while still socializing with classmates, watching lectures and participating in subject-specific discussions. (Online Learning - What Is It and How Does It Work, Sept. 2020) There are several problems with the traditional system of education. First of all, you need to pay thousands of dollars per term to attend a prestigious school. With all those budget cuts, busy classrooms, and course shortages, you won’t always get the chance to study exactly what you want.

Online Learning

I learned to manage my time doing my module and finish all the task in the end of the day. But sometimes, I'm having trouble understanding some part of the modules but I'm glad that my parents assist me with those matters. According to Athabasca University, frustration in online learning often stems from students not knowing how or when to contact their professors/tutors, along with poor communication about coursework expectations. The solution? If you’re confused about an assignment/test and you aren’t getting a timely response from your professors, tutors, or other academic resources, turn to your classmates for help! Through chat rooms and discussion threads, you’re sure to find a peer that is going through the same thing and can provide much-needed clarity.

And also, with the fast development of the internet, many schools and universities have offered online class or course as a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face instruction. And also, the separation of teachers and learners, which distinguishes from face-to-face education, the influence of an educational organization which distinguishes it from self-study and private tutoring are the leading factors for effective and efficient education. And other gadgets to present or distribute some educational content, and the provision of two-way communication via computer network to the student may benefit from each other.



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