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BRIMESTONE ACADEMY is an independent educational school founded in the fall of 1997 with the goal of providing quality curriculum to kids and students in the region. With thorough curriculum that focuses on moral and spiritual reputation, honors and advanced placement that develop students to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of material through analysis, synthesis, cross-curricular application, creativity and original thought. The hallmarks of BRIMESTONE ACADEMY graduate are integrity, responsibility and service. In 20 years of serving students coming from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds – from preschool kids to high school and college students, BRIMESTONE ACADEMY continues to offer a high quality education in a private setting.


Brimestone Online is an interactive Learning Management System developed and deployed by ALB-Tech Solutions for the Brimestone Academy Inc. to complement its learning delivery. It primary purpose is to provide secure connection between learners, teachers and administration regarding their learning interaction.

Yes, it is prerequisite to have an account in our system to access its resources, however, their are free resources available for guest visitors.

As per policy of the school, learner's account with outstanding balance will be temporarily suspended until they pay the said financial obligation.

BSA eLibrary

Showcase almost 500+ Learning Resources like e-book, learning presentation, video tutorial, interactive game and 3D models.

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